Ditch the Sales Pitch: Using Plain Language in Business and Marketing Materials

Our workshop Ditch the Sales Pitch teaches business and marcomm writers to write product descriptions and marketing materials that are clear, concise, and complete—improving communication both within your organization and with your customers and prospects.

In this workshop, participants will learn to use plain language in everything they write. Once your writers and other communications professionals master this elegant, simple writing style, you will notice that your product descriptions and marketing materials become sleek, clear, and informative—just the way customers like them.

Available as either on-site group training or individual coaching via telephone and the web, this customizable workshop teaches business and marcomm writers:

  • Why buzzwords and jargon alienate customers
  • How to sell an idea using facts
  • How to transform abstract product descriptions into concrete selling points
  • How to write using the language of the customer, not the tech talk of the engineers
  • How to identify and answer questions before your customers ask them

For details about cost, curriculum, and options for customizing your workshop, contact us today