Trash the Tech Talk : Plain Language for Technical Writers

Are you a technical writer who is curious about using plain language at work but confused about its benefits to you and your customers? Are you an employer who wants to save money on customer support costs by making sure your documentation is clear, concise, and complete?

Trash the Tech Talk: Plain Language for Technical Writers, our 1-2 day customizable workshop, shows writers how to apply this simple, elegant writing style to create technical documentation that is clear, concise, and complete. Because when documentation is clear, concise, and complete, its users can find what they need, understand what they find, and use it to meet their needs–saving the company time and money in technical support costs.

Available as either an on-site group training or one-on-one coaching via telephone and the web, this 1-2 day, customizable workshop will show writers:

  • How to think critically about what they write and use logic to organize and present information clearly
  • How plain language differs from controlled languages, such as Simplified Technical English (STE)
  • How plain language improves a document’s readability and usability
  • How to apply plain-language techniques to choose plain words, craft plain sentences, and build plain paragraphs
  • How to analyze a confusing technical document and revise it into plain language quickly
  • How to address and correct customers’ pain points using plain-language documentation

Each participant receives a 35-page workbook to use throughout the class, which includes exercises for practice after class is over.

For details about costs, curriculum, and options for customizing the workshop to your writers’ needs, contact us today.

Still not sure if a workshop on plain language is right for you and your team? Take a look at the following before and after samples from technical documents our trained writers have developed.